Welcome To Dance Designs!

With extremely qualified teachers, it is our goal to teach our students proper technique in all genres of dance, instilling within them discipline and the beauty of technical clarity.

Dance is a beautiful art form. We strive to help our students see the emotion of dance and participate in self reflection through their dance. We want each student to feel a part of the dance, and not just go through the motions.

Through dance classes for all ages and invigorating Zumba classes, we encourage everyone to participate in healthy living any way they can! We recognize that healthy living takes place inside and outside the classroom, and want to promote a lifestyle of fitness for all.

By holding our students to high standards and encouraging them to achieve excellence it is our goal to help them set and achieve goals that boost self confidence and help our students realize their full potential.

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Saturday, July 29 --  10:00-2:00 pm
Tuesday,  August 8 -- 3:00-6:00 pm

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Available Classes:

Pageant Coaching

Pageant coaching is done on an individual basis and is scheduled according to the clients availability. Subject fields such as wardrobing, modeling (swimsuit, evening gown, and casual/sports wear), talent preparation and choreography, music editing, platform and essay development, and interview coaching can be addressed in the coaching sessions.

Ballet/Tap Combo

(2-4 Year Olds)

A fast paced combination class designed to teach the fundamentals of both ballet and tap in a way that prepares young dancers while being a blast!

Beginner Ballet

(5-7 Year Olds)

A ballet class designed to focus on faster paced learning with the introduction of choreography to master the fundamentals of ballet.

Beginner Tap/Jazz

(5-7 Year Olds)

A tap/jazz combo class designed to focus on faster paced learning with the introduction of choreography to master the fundamentals of jazz/tap.

Beginner Hip Hop

(7-12 Year Olds)

A class that teaches fun and energetic, but clean, styles of hip hop to upbeat and positive music!

Advanced Hip-Hop

(13 Years Old+)

A class designed to incorporate the fundamentals of hip hop with creative improvisation with unique and complex choreography.

Intermediate Ballet

(Ability Based)

A pre-pointe ballet class designed to strengthen essential muscles and develop style, gracefulness, and clear articulation of the body.

Intermediate Tap

(Ability Based)

A class that focuses on intermediate level rhythm combinations and footwork intermixed with choreography.


An introduction to contemporary, lyrical and modern dancing that explores combining emotion and story telling through challenging choreography and technique. It is strongly suggested that ballet be taken as a supplement to this class.


A class that provides advanced students with the opportunity to further their exploration of contemporary, lyrical and modern dancing through challenging choreography, technique and improvisation while combining elements of story telling, emoting feelings and expressions, abstract movement and floor work.


This class further develops a dancers' strength, body control, grace and flexibility through intense barre and center training in flat shoes and en pointe.  This class focuses on strong technique in foot articulation, turns and overall movement quality.

Advanced Tap

This is a fast paced class geared toward developing clear and quick footwork. This class will challenge students to pick up choreography quickly and accurately while honing their style and performance quality abilities.


This is a funny energetic and high energy class that explores different styles of jazz choreography and techniques while perfecting the fundamentals of jazz dance technique.


This class is designed to be a workout class for dancers to increase muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and endurance. This is a great class to get dancers in shape to perform at the highest level. This is also a good class for any student age 10-18 to get extra exercise during the week!


This is a beginner jazz class that helps adults improve flexibility, coordination, endurance, and movement quality through fun choreography, combinations, and exercises. No experience needed!

Adult Tap

This is a beginner tap class for adults that is designed to get your feet moving and dancing to fun, high energy music. This class will work on the basic fundamentals of tap technique. No experience needed!


This is a morning class offered to homeschoolers and toddlers that focuses on ballet and tap technique. Currently we have a class for 4-6 year olds but are looking to offer more classes for more ages throughout the year upon request!

Special Needs Class

This class is specifically designed to get kids with special needs active and energized through movement, dance, and music. We provide a fun and encouraging atmosphere for students with special needs to explore movement, make friends, and enjoy fun and upbeat music! Parents/aids welcome to attend each class to help students participate. This class is open to students of all ages, boys, and girls! Help us spread the word!


This is a workout class for adults that gets the heart pounding through fun, easy to follow choreography. This is a great class for anyone that needs more cardio but wants to ditch the treadmill and the gym!

Line Dancing

Line Dancing nights will be held one Saturday every month.

Line dances will be taught to pop, country, and Latin music followed by an evening of free dancing! No experience needed... And ALL ages welcome!

Daycare Dance

Dance Designs AOD can start a dance class at your daycare facility where we bring dance to you! Daycare dance students will focus on beginner ballet technique, creative movement, stretching, and beginner jazz technique. Contact us about starting a program your daycare facility!


Dance Designs AOD is proud to introduce piano to our suite of lessons available!