Having danced for years as a child, I was so happy to find Lauren’s contemporary class for adults. Though out of practice and not as flexible as I used to be, I have never felt out of place or incapable in Lauren’s class. She has a great ability to work with anyone regardless of prior dance experience. I have found her studio to be extremely welcoming and friendly!

-Karen Rhodes


The caliber of teaching at Dance Designs is right up there with studios in larger cities as Charlotte, Atlanta, and New York.

-Crystal Brown


“Dance designs is the perfect dance studio. It combines skilled teachers with an optimal learning environment. They not only teach children but also provide dance and fitness instruction for adults as well. It is perfect for our family.”

-Christine Smith


“I love Dance Designs because of the great atmostphere, amazing teachers, and I just love it. As a dancer at Dance Designs I love the teachers and the great atmostphere the teachers bring to the studio. I love Dance Designs!”



“Olivia (4) has been dancing with Ms. Lauren for a year. She enjoys stretching and dancing. She has learned a variety of ballet positions along with the correct names; and I often find her telling her older brother (6) how to hold his body for those positions. She enjoys tap as well. The young dancers in her class were showcased at the recital which was very exciting for Olivia. She has gained better listening skills over this year and looks up to Ms. Lauren.
As a parent I appreciate that Lauren is such a positive role model for many young ladies and gentlemen.”

-Michele Lawson


“If you are looking for a first-class dance studio, look no further. Dance Designs is the place to be! From dance lessons to fitness training to pageant coaching, Dance Designs has it all. Artistic Director, Lauren Cabaniss, is top notch and provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for all of her students and parents.”

-Robin Dixon


“Since I was a little girl I have always dreamed of competing in the Miss SC Pageant and after watching Lauren compete in the Miss Boiling Springs Prelims and then at Miss SC, I knew I wanted her as my Pageant Coach. I have learned so much from her: How to have more self confidence and how to always present myself with poise and grace. These things will not only help me in the pageant world but also in life. I will always be grateful for what Lauren has taught me.. she is not only my pageant coach, she is my role model!”



“My grand-daughter had Lauren as a pageant coach for only three lessons but in those three lessons she learned so much more than just pageantry. She learned self confidence and felt the passion that Lauren has for what she does. I am grateful that we found Lauren and she was so willing to help Savana advance in pageant adventures. Savana absolutely adores Miss Lauren.”

-Jill Gossett Martin


“I brought my daughter, Roni to Dance Designs after taking dance for 9 years at another studio. This studio is passionate about teaching proper technique and skill, in a professional and organized manner. Roni is always looking forward to each class and has a smile on her face every time she walks out of the studio. I am so glad we found Dance Designs. ”

-Rhonda Teems


“I had taken 9 years of dance at another studio and had grown to be unhappy with the professionalism and teaching level there. I knew Lauren from many years back by being her Palmetto Princess and when I found out that she had opened up her own studio I knew that was where I needed to be. Correct technique, every skill level, each student gets individual focus, organization, professionalism, no drama, and lots of fun. I am so happy here!”



“My 2-year old daughter started taking lessons with Ms. Lauren at her daycare in November 2013. Despite her young age, Ms. Lauren was able to teach her many principles from classic ballet in a fun and playful way. Before long, ballet class became my little girl’s highlight of the week. After a while, her enthusiasm rubbed off on her older brother, 5, who took up ballet and tap with Ms. Lauren at her studio. At Dance Designs, a conveniently located and beautiful contemporary setting on Hwy 9, you find an inviting and safe place for children to dance their little hearts out. Ms. Lauren is a very skilled dancer and she has a way to not only reach children with her craft but to make them want to improve themselves as well.”

-Joyce Hansses


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